The rock festival Rock Alive will change its location this year. Following up to the feedback we received regarding the prior edition about the accessibility of the venue the organisation decided to go out looking for a new location.

After checking out several venues and other locations, we managed to find a suitable substitute. A venue at which we’re convinced we will be able to organise yet again a festival with the same familiar atmosphere. A new location that is very easy to reach, by car as well by bus or train. All it takes is a five minute walk. But above all a venue that has enough space to grow as a festival, and in time give us the opportunity to offer a second program. This new location is Atak, a venue in Enschede. A place that has proven its worth through the years as a suitable venue for a festival like ours.

To go short, the next edition of the Rock Alive Festival will take place at the concert venue Atak in Enschede. Go for more information to: