Safemode is a five piece metal core band from Uppsala, Sweden. The band started in the spring of 2007, inspired by bands such as Underoath, Blindside, and The Devil Wears Prada etc.

In the spring of 2009 the band participated in the national music contest Rockkarusellen with 600 other bands. Safemode pulled of a great show, and with words from the jury as ”excellent songs”, ”speed and energy” and ”great contact with the audience”, Safemode stood as winners. A tour in Sweden followed with 16 concerts, including a concert at the famous Arvika Festival, which attracted the attention of Swedish press, where Safemode received good critics. The band also toured Germany and released two self-produced EPs.

In January 2011 the album was re-released in 25 countries all over the world, and a second video was shot: A Little Cry For Help. The same year, Safemode toured with Sleeping Giant and The Almost in Latin America. This tour increased the popularity of the band and their fan base grew to another level.

The band also managed to win the Red Bull Bedroom Jam’s competition, along with performing at the after party at Sonisphere Festival in Stockholm in front of bands like In Flames and Slipknot.

Safemode finished off an eventful year by touring Europe as supporting act to American band Showbread. They played in countries like Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Hungary, Ukraine, Poland, and Austria.

The band recorded pre-productions at The Red Bull Studios in London, and they finished at Studio Radionika, Stockholm. The EP, called Gold Digger, was released in 2013, along with a video for the song Gold Digger: Sam. First single Another Day Will Haunt You, was already released and picked up by American radio stationEffect Radio.

In January 2014 Safemode made its second tour in Latin America. This time as headlining band.

Title track Gold Digger: Sam was picked up by American radio station RadioU, and the video by RadioU’s UTV. Shortly after that Another Day Will Haunt You was picked up by RadioU‘s Buzztracks and reached #1 on RadioU‘s Most Wanted.

Safemode is now working on new music, which is planned for release in 2016. Meanwhile the band is planning upcoming tours in Europe and North America.

With energy-filled live shows, fantastic melodies and great contact with the audience, Safemode becomes an outstanding live act, which must be experienced! Take a minute and listen to the music and stay alert for updates!