Three years have passed since their debut „And At Least You Dance“. No doubt, Bremen-based four-piece Stun have been trying to gather strength and for their work to mature during their creative break. As we give OK Hunter a listen, we joyfully discover: Mission accomplished!

The opening track Kids Explode initially presents us with a band who have strived to broaden their musical spectrum quite a bit and succeeded.

“This is what we are – and we are golden” roars the first chorus as if to put an exclamation mark to a kind of cleanness in the pre-chorus that is rarely discovered with your average independent rock band. At last, it rewards listeners with one of Stun’s very own specialties: the overwhelming force of guitars.

The sound is big and embracing and that is perfectly justified by an impeccably tasteful style. Some may always want more than they can achieve.

Ok Hunter can. In collaboration with producer Dennis Rux (Trashmonkeys and others), Stun hit the brand new Yeah Yeah Yeah Studios to create beautiful guitar worlds: pristine, rough and powerful all the same, every now and then bursting in wonderful disharmony, pee-king in grandiose immenseness which wraps it all up.

Summer is another one of the album’s highlights which literally knocks its audience with a showdown between the horns-section and guitar walls while the lyrics nail the whole scene to the westernesque backdrop: “And all that’s said is left jest, displayed upon a perfect chest”

With Ok Hunter, Stun reached their most meaningful moment to date. They have produced a living, breathing example of the quality of their work. The made an amazing album. We proudly notice that this band comes with everything that makes those precious moments modern rock music consists of happen: brute force and beauty.